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Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Lots and Lots of pattern.




Pompón. (s)

the jeremy man himself.

Photo by Marc the Cobrasnake

...Still haven't guessed what Spring 2010 collection this is from?





Mr. Jeremy Scott. Isn't it fabulous? I was at a thrift store last night where they already have all the Halloween costumes out for purchase. I kept on second glancing at the kids' peter pan pants...and thinking to myself, man those would look rad on me!! And then I started looking at Jeremy Scotts' collection today, and what do I see? I see those sharp, peter pannish, cut off leg patterns!! I'm going to have to tear, cut, and sew some of my old pants....like now.

Upbeat, artsy...Marni, the Italian label has a thing for circles in their recent collection like a lot of the collections that are out for Spring 10. I'm really enjoying all these vibrant and happy colors. A couple of Marni's clients include Kirsten Dunst & Maggie Gyllenhaal!

Holey shirts feel warm and snuggie.


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Hil said...

I was already loving the idea of tying a big ribbon around my head, and now I'm certain of it!

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