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I received my package!

I recently participated in Oh, Hello Friend's Lovely Package Exchange and was thrilled to recently receive my package from Caroline, a photographer based out of Cambridge, UK. The package exchange was pretty simple and straight forward. You were given a partner from whoever signed up from all over the world and within a month, you had to put together a package of goodies...anything really handmade, I'd say...and link up with your partner to finish up the exchange. My package exchange buddy, Caroline is amazing! Her photos are truly incredible. Below you will see a postcard that was given to me of Yoshitomo Nara along with so many other goodies. I'm very pleased to say that Caroline was right on with guessing my taste in things...I had a bunch of goodies in my package that she had put together along with some incredible photo prints. Once I frame them, I will take photos and make sure to post them. I'm very grateful to be able to participate in this package exchange. I'm looking forward to do it again very soon.
Hanging mobile's make everything better.

And this little guy, I can't get enough of him.

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