This is Emily Richmond. She is my age. 24 years.

She is planning to sail her boat around the world this December/January. 6 continents. 3 oceans.

24,000 miles in 24 months.

She is like some my age..."would like to meet new people, discover new places...and having her insides good and stirred up" (well may be that's just her sailing but you get the point). The girl is rad than radder.

She wants to learn and she wants to grow. She has a lot ahead of her. I wish you the best Emily. Please support her trip by donating here at Emily's Kickstarter.

Oh, did I mention she is doing this ALONE?

Yeah, all on her OWN.

Visit her at BOBBIE Rounds the World. And read a great article on NOGOODFORME.COM

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