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If you haven't visited Book by Its Cover , make sure to do so. Book by Its Cover is ran by Julia Rothman, an illustrator based out of Brooklyn. There are some amazing book covers that she's collected over time. Its really hard not to pick up a book at the library when I'm all about it's cover. Its just really tempting...sometimes I just want to see who the artist is, but other times I am curious to see what the book is all about. If you're thinking about something to do one day while you're not busy, you should take a day trip to the library and just stroll by the aisles finding your favorite book covers....out of 10, there might be 2 that you are willing to read and check out! Who knows you might want to read all 10 of them!

Cuba en la gráfica by Reyna Maria Valdes
Green Guide for Artists by Karen Michel
250 Treasured Country Desserts by Andrea Chesman & Fran Raboff

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