with frost, please.

one thing, i can't live without is confetti.

i think when we move, which probably is the end of this summer, or early Fall....our going away party's overall theme will be confetti. we'll just have a ton of colored bits thrown around at each other, it's going to be fettiabulous.


Showered with sprinkles. Life can't get any better.

Johnny Cupcakes.

CUPCAKE CANNON from kamp grizzly on Vimeo.

* pia jane's new book is coming! I have the first one, Paris: Made by Hand. Now, Amsterdam: Made by Hand will be here in a few, can't wait...her official book launch will be held at the American Book Center

*A knitted world. Imagine that.

* I'm getting really annoyed of door-to-door soliciting. They freak me out. I don't want your Vietnamese discount take-out flyer, please just chill. But then again, I refuse to put any sign up that says, "no soliciting" cause I mean that's just dumb.

*Toxic water. Read about it.

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j.thrift said...

oh yeah! confetti! where are you moving to?

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