at age 6

Now, this is pretty exciting for a kid.

The Indie Rock Coloring book by The Yellow Bird Project.

It doesn't get any better than this. A coloring book just for kids that has an interactive and colorful journey of creativity with pages of illustration created by the lovely artist, Andy J. Miller. Andy collaborated with Yellow Bird to create this one of a kind coloring book that brings a unique expression of bands and their creativity. Bands include Broken Social Scene , Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Bon Iver, and even MGMT! You can even turn to the page where you can draw hair on Rilo Kiley! We need more things like this out on our school grounds, it brings a different side of creativity educating them with other new ways of coloring instead of the same boring, Power Rangers and Spongebob coloring books. Lets stop spending our time on TV! Or stop spending time on suspending kids for bringing camping utensils (a "spork" to be exact) to school and spend more time on finding brilliant new creative outlets for our school systems. Oh, and another great thing? Profits will go directly to all the charities that Yellow Bird supports.

And who said it's just for kids? I think I might get one for myself.

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Katherine Lee said...

that is seriously bad ass. thanks for sharing. (p.s. i tweeted it...)

xo katherine aka. urban flea ;)

Claire said...

What a fun coloring book! Coloring books are so therapeutic =)

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