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Enter Kelly & Jonathan's home in San Francisco in the Mission District. A well decorated 850 sq.ft. one bedroom apartment. See how Kelly, an art director and Jonathan, a geologist come together and delicately decorate their home with the latest Apartment Therapy house tour.

These little dudes are chillin looking fresh.

You know how hotel rooms always have tissue boxes on their walls above the toilet seat, this is ideal...why not have this in our own bathrooms instead of wasting toilet paper!

This vanity is a dream vanity! I love that wood and that pattern plus the round shape of the mirror leaves the overall vanity design looking immaculate.

Oh, yeah and if you haven't guessed, this little guy is sitting on top of the vanity.

I really like this doorway. I know its a bit narrow, may be a little too narrow, but I think its because my taste of wooden floors and white walls together. And the vaulted ceiling also makes the entry way much more likable.

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