Documentary film on Maurice Sendak, illustrator and writer of Where the Wild Things Are premieres on HBO tomorrow night 10/14, Wednesday at 7pm. May be I'll drive over to my mom's, she has cable! I don't !

I really think my obsession with forts has gone way too far.

No more thinking. No more sketching about it, I'm going to do it!


And I wanted to show the photo that I finally framed of Caroline Hancox. She was my package exchange buddy all the way from Cambridge, uk. It is to the right in the red frame. It is so peaceful, so I thought about putting it in my downstairs pottyroom which I thought went real well together. Visit Caroline at her blog.

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Caroline Hancox said...

I'm glad you like it, and thanks for putting it up on your blog, its nice to see it on the wall! I will get yours sorted out soon xxx

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