das ist wahr

slowly, but surely.

our home is becoming more like a home.

the morning sunlight is always a magnificent feeling, i think that's probably the same feeling with the others who live in the northwest.




How amazing is this hotel?+
"Life in harmony with nature"

Yes. It's a hotel. But not just any hotel...the remarkable Rogner Bad Blumau not only has green roofs, colourful facades, and a dreamy interior. This place is in the middle of the meadows in Austria and really, a work of art. It is definitely getting put on my to-do list.

Lauren Moffatt's Fall 2010 collection is impressive.


support maiti nepal.


the very creative, Yvette van Boven. she has a book coming out this month. keep an eye out for it.


Copenhagen Fashion Week via facehunter. that lime green. .is yum


*das ist wahr
= German for this is true

3 gives love:

Melanie's Randomness said...

That hotel is totally cool!!! Glad to hear your home is coming together! =)

frida vega s. said...

omg the hotel, god.

Caroline Hancox said...

Look, its my little photo on your windowsill how exciting! Its lovely to see it in your home. I hope you are well


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