i went to the chiropractic today.

man, anatomy itself is just amazing, ain't it?

i think sometimes we take flexibility for granted. i absolutely LOVE being active, running, yoga, cycling, dancing, having fun...doing anything active excites me.

until i get injured.
we got in a bit of a fender-bender this past week. we both are are okay. we're alive. though I need a little worked on. apparently my spine got some 'things' twisted up, 'things' pushed back, and my ribs are hitting some nerves that aren't supposed to be getting hit and well, to say the least. PAINFUL.

did you know that your spinal cord contains nerves that extend out to every part of your body?

it is quite a m a z i n g.
so be kind to your spiney and it'll be friends with you.

and if it doesn't want to be friends with you like right now *ouchh* it'll recuperate.

i'll get better. it's fixable, that's the magical thing.



karen walker shades.

need to get them.

check out Totokaelo. lots of lovely designers.

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