Polaroid 5

rain. rain. rain.yes, summer is not over yet, but being in Seattle, it is very unpredictable.

we have a couple of rainy days ahead of us before we get some warm weather coming in this weekend.

it didn't stop me from going on a walk. i went. and it was cold.

real cold and i was out of reach of kleenex. but once i got home. it felt so so nice.

baked some oatmeal pecan-rasberry cookies this morning for the guys above us. and drank some hot chai tea to stay warm at the flying apron. one of my favorites.

also when passing by in Fremont, I noticed the architecture firm, Imprint. the building is so small and very cute and right in the middle of the neighborhood. they do some fine work. this is an image from one of their projects.

knitta please.

jen collins

work them curves.

i took this while on my walk, a sign that summer is slowly leaving. but i'm excited for my first very spent Fall in Seattle..can't wait to see what it brings.

i have some projects coming up this week and i'm thrilled.
i can't wait til I can share.
i think this often.

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