I'm in love with open spaces and basic furniture pieces. Windows should be open at all times of the year, how else are we able to stay in contact with world outside if curtains or blinds are shut? Though, the burst of light coming in reminds me of Spring coming. I'm ready for it to arrive already.
Anna Kern Photography.

a vintage baby wrestling onesie? what can be any better than that? visit jenny brandt's store, sammy rose, inspired by American trash culture ( ! )

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iva yaneva said...

That place is gorgeous! The light is so beautiful and the lots of flowers on the white windows - aw!
By the way, the way the art is displayed on the photo on the left is just fabulous! I love it!

Your blog is very cute! Lots of inspiration and I really like the design too:)

à petit bruit said...

Oh ! This baby wrestling onesie is fantastic ! Thanks for the link…

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