miss u

hi all !

i haven't been good about making any postings...i've been really busy, swimmin all over. trying to pack things as we try to sell our house, volunteering like crazy, tutoring third-grader triplets, been out of town...we went to LA this past weekend to visit a cousin and stayed at the W Hotel, the place was rad. absolutely gorgeous, we had our own chill area separated from our room...had some amazing food: breakfast at The Little Door, some Cuban food at Porto's in Glendale, had some street food after bar hopping and dancing (Bourdain would be proud), went shopping all over including Mark the Cobrasnake's yard sale off of Fairfax near RVCA, visited Griffith Park and went to keep our heads busy (after an absolutely horrifying hang over) at the Observatory...we definitely got spoiled this past weekend.

so how about that health care reform?

i like you michelle, Let's Move

Dress up your legs, Les Queues de Sardines .

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