this is beyond adorable. fine little day's daughter made this for her mother (Elisabeth from Fine Little Day) Isn't it just amazing? It almost makes me think of it as a little blue whale...I just love it. PS. Fine Little Day just re-did it's website and has a complete new lay-out. very fancy, I dig it.


I'm not gonna lie. It's COLD outside!

That means snow! It snowed for the first time this season. It was great, I took a walk and believe it, or not...people were outside enjoying this time of the year as well. Walking their dogs, kids walking with their families, oh and get this. runners. Yeah, there was a guy running with a beanie, gloves, long sleeve shirt, and what else? SHORTS. The guy was wearing shorts. Crazy, I tell you. Crazyness. But I love how full of life it is here. I'm really blessed.I'm very sad to announce that I will be missing Blackbird's Holiday Party tonight. I rsvp'd to go, but with no car....I'm thinking, I'll stay warm and not take the bus. And part number two to the sadness...I'll be missing meeting the author of United States of Americana, Kurt B. Reighley. Looks like such a great read, I highly recommend getting it. I'm on my way to!!!


Made from 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton, Under the Nile appears on zulily today! Their onesies look so soft and cozy! Handmade in Egypt.

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Paz López said...

cold weather is here, and makes us bloggers spend more time home surfing! hehe

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