destination: portland

my friends ali & mike are getting married next year.
them two are adorable.
from Minnesota.
and both lovely.
Yeah, say that out loud...Meeee-nehh-ssooodddaaa.

we made a girls trip to Portland this past weekend with Ali to 
try on some dresses and do girly things.  I'm so happy I went!  I love going dress shopping, 
especially with a friend who's getting married!
 the two dress shops 
I didn't have my camera with me at the English Department, but managed to take some photos on my iphone- who knows if you'd notice the difference. 
They carry crazy, lovely designers from Jenny Yoo to Ivy & Aster.
The dresses that Ali tried on were all very STUNNING.  she looked STUNNING!
I was reminiscing, for sure.




Stunning Ali.

 In love with hair pieces.
I would collect them if I could and decorate
my home with them, is that weird?

my good friend of mine, Blanca and I sitting inside of Sarah Seven's boutique.
(our Ali was inside the fitting room, while I was taking this photo-btw) !

 we got to stay at Hotel Monaco, downtown Portland.  

unbelievable.  I was blown away by the decor - utterly strange, but beautiful nonetheless.  
fancy and entirely unique.  they had a duck-legged lamp!  
cute little bronze waddle feet, I wanted to take him home with me. he'd fit really nice next to my sofa on top of our side table, we need a lamp there-  everytime I want to eat a snack and watch some TV, I get crumbs all over cause we have no available light there!  
okay, on another note- those bed sheets!  gnarly, right?  
I like them so much- I think because they remind me of my sweet VEGAS!   Did I just type, my sweet vegas?  uh, I guess I did.  
Right?  The lights and such-  I don't know if I'd actually get them, but they are real-cool.



And of course, all the shopping in Portland.  


Brought back all sorts of goodies.  

I wish most of it was from Una.  because.  holy shit, 
I love the stuff they carry in their store.

 Ate at Screen Door for brunch, of course.


Now, back home in Seattle.

Back at it -  at work and loving every minute.
This girl was such a cutie- and into it like I've never seen before.
She had all these surprise poses that came with every flash in her 
little jazzercise dance-wear. 
bustin those moves out like it was nothing!  like a pro.
Did I mention she is 4½?  

4 years old. 
It made my work day- 

Happy Monday.


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