hanging around the house...

i love days off from el work.

i think of new fresh ideas for around my home.

i get to do the things i enjoy!

I'm going to share some photos around my home.

We are in the middle of fixing up our guest room.

Look at this chair I found at the thrifters, isn't it fabulous? Bought some fabric, wrapped it around the cushion, and ta-da, fits perfectly inside the room.

I also got this antique freestanding lamp, its gorgeous!!!! It has vintage milk glass on it, the top rim. I need to paint that funky green though. Probably burgundy, just how we did with the little cabinet, we're going to use it as a floating nightstand! Check it out:
So we aren't quite finish with our guest room, but once its done , I will post more pics! PROMISE.I also planted some planties, I got a home depot gift card for christmas from my little-bro in law, so I went to go buy some plants !

i love tin cans.


DIY: its easy, fun, and PRECIOUS.

Living room space. Slow, but everyday its getting to where we want it to be! Cushions are from World Market, if you haven't visited them, go go! Its awesome...

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Lynne said...

I love that antique milk glass lamp - it's beautiful. What a great find.

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