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Do you think it's possible to turn your 250sq.ft. garage into a mini-living space? Seattle-based artist, Michelle de la Vegas sure thought it was and she successfully did. Everything was custom built or salvaged, the structure was raised about 4ft, which helped her fit her bed into the crafty loft space she built. Her background in mixed media assemblage, sculpture, and installation really helped her manage to create this incredible space. Read her bio, here. Michelle was recently featured in NY Times as well.

East African-inspired design by New York label, Suno. I love these fitted high waist shorts I've been seeing everywhere, extra loose on the thigh comfortable and converted into a perfect onesie. Its like Ann Taylor on the bottom half, but a fully-acclaimed techno-version of it. Suno's Fall/Winter 2010 collection is melting...check it.



J.I. Rodale is who we should stand behind when purchasing organic food. Rodale civilized the organic movement way long before it became a social trend. A new book released just this past March, Organic Manifesto: How Organic Farming Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and Keep Us Safe written by Maria Rodale (granddaughter of J.I. Rodale) gives us a glimpse on how we can live a healthier lifestyle by eating organic. There are many reasons behind eating organic. One example is the regulations on safe exposure of chemicals by the government, which is essentially bias. There has been evidence that even a small dose can be just as toxic as large doses.

Do you know your state highlights on tobacco use? Check it.

Have you seen Banksy's new film, Exit Through the Gift Shop? It's exhilarating. I recommend it.

I like to collect clipboards, want to donate? Please do.

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Hil said...

Rodale!! I forgot that name. I met this kid in San Diego, and his parents own an organic farm/retreat that they bought from Rodale! pretty awesome...

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