flower power

would like to have industrial shelving like this in my closet.

inside the home of fashion designer, Alex Hercovitch.

I have this exact garden table set.  It was a hand me down from ben's grandmother pappas, still in it's original green color, but I like how Lucy painted her's red.  

The handmade glasshouse is wonderful as well.  It seems like she collected miscellaneous reclaimed windows and arranged them into this unique looking backyard hut, I love it.

currently obsessed with pattern on pattern, mismatched, and nineties.  photographer and good friend, will miller and I played in the studio again.  here is the lovely Damaris dressed in floral from head to toe.  pretty and static. subdued, but fun. 




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Patio Cover said...

Love the glass house! The table and chair are hot too :)

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