really.  really.  excited about this weekend.

ben and I are flying into long beach, renting a car and heading east to the desert city, Palm Springs.
There's going to be lots of sun, lots of cocktails -booze, lots of dancing and most importantly, lots of fun.

we might even get to go to this special festival called coachella.  heard of it?

Myrrh Jewelry.


Their lookbook 12' was shot in Palm Springs, check it. /_/




this is Ace Hotel's diner near the lobby.  it used to be an old Denny's.  last time I was in Palm Springs, it was two years ago, we ate breakfast here and guess who was sitting right next to us?  THOM YORKE.  and hmm...ironically, guess who is headlining this year, RADIOHEAD



this is a little video clip of Anthem Magazine's Lagoon Party back in 2010-  we are somewhere in that head mess.  it was one hell of a party.  


I'm getting goosebumps- only 3 more dayz !

talk to you when i get back! 

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