AA, a short & sweet friday.

One day I'll be able to enjoy a friday, for the reason its named Friday.
When will that day come? Your guess is as good as mine.
Off to work.
On a Friday.

Can I really just quit my day job? And write for a living. I'll get back to you, when that happens.

The best thing of today (for me at least) is viewing the work of Natsumi Nishizumi and to all of you who's Friday is today, have a good weekend! And indulge every aspect a Friday should bring, relaxation, fun, and ______ !

3 gives love:

drollgirl said...

i sure wish i could quit the day job, too. but i think you have a much better chance of this than i do!

Caroline said...

I was thinking the same exact thing today. Fridays should be fun, darnit!

You should definitely take days off to only do fun things. So many of us take our weekends to do MORE work...laundry, cleaning dishes, bills.

I challenge you to find a day to only do fun stuff and to relax :) I think I'm going to force myself to push work off till Sunday so that tomorrow is a fun day.

P.S. Love your blog! Especially the design of it...very clean and tasteful.

Sunder said...

Love your site! I also live in the city of excess and dirt and dream little dreams of the gray shades to be seen in subtle Seattle. I'm a designer/artist/writer/creator and love your pics and thoughts!

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