missin SXSW!

some great bands have been playin and some great memories have been makin... out in austin, texas.

playin their magic, and i'm sadly missin it.


Electro disco queen, Little Boots
she's blonde.
and she's 'SUPer cute.


okay, seriously.


ponytail is crazy.
(in a positive way)
btw, is it weird (or bad of me) that the asian kid reminds me of data (wang) from Goonies?

anyway, see for yourself:

Oh, vivian:


Don't forget to read about these 24-hr SXSW party peeps.

I want me some tacos.

Which, reminds me I haven't introduced anyone to the finest taco shop of Las Vegas. I apologize for my senseless behavior!...
Open 24hrs.
(duh..its las vegas right)

For some convenient locations:

North Town:
1414 N Eastern Ave
, Las Vegas, NV
3085 N Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV
2151 N Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV
6650 Vegas Dr, Las Vegas, NV

South Town:
3399 S Durango Dr # 102, Las Vegas, NV
907 S Rainbow Blvd
, Las Vegas, NV

10612 S Eastern Ave., Henderson, NV 89052
10430 Bermuda Rd., Las Vegas, NV 8918

I'm a Tourist & I want some underground sh** Town:
4604 W Sahara Ave # 7, Las Vegas, NV 89102
545 E Twain Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89169

Oh yeah, talking about food. Say hi to the food network diva, Rachel Ray for me, shes there.

* approximate times

AND last, but not least....lets hear it for our local band, afghan raiders.

They always put on a great show.

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brand-eye said...

man, i have always wanted to go to this. one year i will make it, they always have the best bands!

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