Artist Analysis: Chris Johanson

chris johanson.

is our artist for today.

i can't help, but start with "Born in 1968 in San Francisco, California, now residing and working in Portland, Oregon...."
doo-da. doo-da. doo-da.
But afterall, it is true. The man gots some talent on his shoulders. I think he got his 'fame' after he had got in the Whitney Biennial in 2002, or whatever, he just worked EXTREMELY hard and developed his awesome talent, hes showing (has showed) in all kind of places now. He's a self-taught painter and has a chunk of work thats really worthy at looking at. He's kind of spacey, nonlinear, and excessive...all kind of put well in all of his paintings. As far as I know, he started making these punk rock flyers for his friends as a little skate punk kid he was, and continued with his sort, which led to his work today. Thanks for making such great work Mr. J (above pictured without his long beard he usually has)


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