picks from the facehunter!

an update on my favorites from the facehunter once again, from all around.
A. grass between bricks.
B. dripped writing
C. bike wheel
D. blue scribble
E. yellow skirt

all make this photo more fascinating to look at.
image above via fadtony
you know, i asked myself, why not?
Why not show some studliness within this little guy above here? I'm always posting chic flicks & style bites solely on girls, but why not show some little studness creature like this one. (thanks facehunter!) his red hair is beautiful!

these cute girls with short hair always makes me want to cut my hair.
will i ever have the balls?
who knows.
may be.

i like to call this purse the twist-puff.

its giant and fluffy.


her hat has mad style points.
its amazing.

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