good morning thursday!

woke up at 4:12am. took my pop to the airport as he went off to go see my brother in seattle, washington. wish i could of gone, but instead i have to work and post this lovely blog!
isn't this house immaculate?
dream home.
dream home.

this home sits on california's ground, Los Angeles to be specific. definitely a living with an indoor & outdoor feel. real open as most homes should be, my opinion. and i love the mixture between smooth white plaster and the wood. its not too square or raw, its just right ! as a matter of fact, its just so right, that it would fit me and benjamin perfectly inside!

did i say dream home?
thats why im going back to school hopefully in the fall of this year. i want to pursue my masters degree in journalism. and outsmart these people cause this girl needs a j-o-b that pays me MORE!

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