Artist Analysis: Mel Kadel

Originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but now living in LA with her man, Travis Millard, who is also a great artist, himself. Mel Kadel has been a favorite of mine for some time. Her work is amazing. I used to review her work over time while in school. Her color palette that she uses has such a soft, approachable look. The colors make it seem simple yet it has such rhythm and also a sense of awkwardness. But the two go hand in hand with each other, thats what makes me like it. She graduated from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. In her work, she uses ancient papers, tiny pens, ink, Q-tips and glue. You can read more about her on with an interview they did with her.

You can find and purchase her shirts here and recently just had Volcom contract her for this little tee pictured above.
Posting approved by artist herself, Mel.

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