i know i know

i know "a little princess", what a "aw" "cutesy" "girly"....etc. adorable story.
but yes i did watch it tonight and i can't help but LOVE IT. Its charming and magical, and Sarah, the main character plays such a likable and clever girl in so many ways. I also think that there is much to admire in this kids movie. I think set aside from being cute, dainty and sweet. We can all appreciate the imaginable possibilities that can be brought along with the relationships within several characters in the film.

It was first written by Frances Hodgson Burnett (pictured above) in 1905 as a children's novel than more commonly known, her most popular play was written a while after that, the Secret Garden. The newer version, pictured with some of my favorite stills is done by Alfonso Cuaron who also did the movie, Paris Je T'aime. He has some great movies.
But A Little Princess has a perfect charm that every girl must see.

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