Artist Analysis: Christopher Bettig

Prints for sale at the Candy Store.

FRENCH artist living in LA .

Christopher Bettig is a graduate from Maryland Institute College of Art who earned his BFA and continues to make exciting works using all forms of nature to bring about in his paintings. He has a good range of clientele he does work for as well such as Urban Outfitters, Carhartt, and Converse shoes just to name a few.
Carhartt Tee
Converse Shoes

Last June of 2008, the talented people over at Apartment Therapy featured Christopher's glassware (below).

He likes to describe his work as "organic" "colorful" & "a complete mess" via here. He's very useful. He takes the time to create without creating. Recycled items, paper, trash, collectible items from the ground to create something beautiful using the un-beautiful in a sense.

Don't forget to pick up some of Christopher's prints at the Candy Store.

The Candy Store also has a great number of other artist selling their prints, notecards, gifts and all other sorts of goodies as well. The prices are definitely affordable.

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those converse are pretty cool!!!

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