why can't we just sail away?

i dream of sailing with B. everyday.



i want to be off to sea !

if none of you have heard of Lily & Jae.

OH my goodness.

ITS goodness.
I had to post this picture of my mother, Lilly. Spelled with 2 L's and not one.

She is beautiful! And still is 30 + years later.

This is a picture of her in her 20's at the San Diego Zoo in southern California. I posted this picture because the line Lily & Jae reminded me of how much I love the name "Lilly" and how one day when I have a little girl of my own, I'm going to name her after my mom, Lilly. Its such a simple and carries a nice cadence to it.

By the way, Lisa Hannigan's video, I don't know if ya'll caught on to it, but is called "Lillie".



Let me just tell you, their collection is very hilly with an appropriate taste.

.....i dream of air-streams, as I do of having a tee-pee in my backyard, I dream of an air-stream in my backyard as well.
There is something about playing cards when camping, or when inside an RV or in this case, an air-stream. It just feels so right, and fun instead of having it happen while sitting at home on a friday night playing. Its not as fun, the game is intense when outdoors I guess! I remember a grand canyon trip I took once with my family, my 3 cousins and I would play cards in our RV while the fire was going at our campground...it was the best feeling.

YAY. so excited.

....a GOOD reason to go to a club in Vegas tonight, Nylon Magazine is hosting it.

man, betsey johnson sure is creative.

For her Fall/Winter collection for 09', she brings this wonderland of treats, colors, and jazz that every girl could fall in love with.

< _ >

thanks to a recent post from Black Eiffel, I found about this designer, Camille Soulayrol....and boy does she have some rad stuff....old furniture piece with interior painted....how come I didn't think about that?



go check these handmade goodies over at Catherine Reece's shop.


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