new month/new finds/new hopes

i would of loved to been at art basel...

i find this new month to bring me new finds and new hopes.

new finds you'll see below of my very own vintage "Jimmy Los Angeles" sunny yellow casual dress, a highly expensive "DC skate/footwear" jersey for my ben in which he always wanted when he was younger, but never could afford getting one, although i found it at a thrifty ! ...a new vintage "Coors" beer glass for my ben's collection.

new month brings me excitement, courage, and energy to fix the casa and do things such as arrange these wooden colored crayons that i bought off a street vendor in buenos aires, argentina on my honeymoon ! and place them in this pretty milk-glass vase i bought at a thrifty.
this new month brings me also new hopes.

hope, right?
obama's in.

new hopes as new emerging artists coming into my life. reading about. talking about.

new hopes are for me to get on with making my makings.

pictured below is El Mac & Retna, their collaboration on the streets of Miami during Art Basel. Isn't it amazing? These guys are so damn talented!

i wanted to post this picture, just cause i love this sign just right next to his mural. "Love Made in Colombia", its so random to me. And considering that i am half colombian, I have to take this into thought. pink and bright. it has a nice feel !
and thats just what it is, take a look: colombia <.>

i also want to give a shout out to a local artist:

this is his most recent work, he has been a friend of mine since 02', thats 7 years, just as long as I've been in love with my benjamin. as a matter of fact thats how i met him.
his work seems to me to have a likeness about it, may be cause i know of his personality and likes. having a lot of the well- being of aquatics/animal life and relationships between the anatomy of and beyond. in public , where most of his work is. i don't feel that its aggressive or too stubborn. i think its definitely inviting.

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