what makes you smile?

my flickr buddies.

miss molinethis picture reminds me that i need to straighten out my cubbies!! Its shown a little in this picture, but she categorizes her ribbons by color in glass jars....freeging SMART

decor 8's german apartment!

miss decor 8's living space....the girl loves white!

kay loves vintage, visit her

i love the variety in color with dining table chairs. how boring is it to just have the same type of chairs. its like playing a board game when you have people over for dinner, don't you want to pick your color?

and finally, my last flickerette....i enjoyed this one visual just because it kind of reminds me of myself, and how *hold on i just looked at the clock its 1:11am, making a wish...........*

woofffff........ ok i'm back...

so it reminds me of myself, and how thats me writing on the chalkboard "must go to sleep joanne must go to sleep joanne need to wake up early and head on the treadmill must go to sleep joanne wake up early joanne ....bleh bleh bleh. "

ok just a few more thoughts, and i'm out of here. xoxox.

. . j . .

marc do....


.......i can't wait until next week. HERE in Las Vegas, Faythe Levine from Handmade Nation will be signing her book at the Pool Trade Show.

POOL, PROJECT, & MAGIC all at once.

Its going to be fashionrama 2-double O-9 all next coming week !

okay, so I really don't like doing posts about celebrities and such....

but there is something about Maggie Gyllenhaal that makes her really sassy!

And I really think that her and Peter Sarsgaard are very very sexy together. Did you see how cleaned up he was at the grammy's? ....not so much in Garden State!

...all of you know about this particular campaign ad.

The credit to making this happen, Mr. Shepard Fairey.

Its probably one of Obama's most famous and effective ad ever during the his campaign. Fairey has been on my favorite list all throughout art school, and still is. I remember I got super excited one day when I was taking a photo class back in 2003, I did this photoshoot by the Welcome to Las Vegas sign on the south end of the strip, when I saw "Obey the Giant" paster on an electric power box...it thrilled me, I remember screaming to Benjamin, "LOOK BABE!!!! ITS SHEPARD!!!!" The man got some skills. And his art work has shown that, and has ran with me throughout my art education. YAY for Shepard, read about his lawsuit with the AP, Associated Press.

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since Valentines is just around the corner, I thought I'd share this Valentine Poem out of POETRY to Make You Smile that I picked up from anthropologie about a month ago...

Chipmunks jump, and
Greensnakes slither.
Rather burst than
Not be with her.

Bluebirds fight, but
Bears are stronger.
We've got fifty
Years or longer.

Hoptoads hop, but
Hogs are fatter.
Nothing else but
Us can matter.

Written by Donald Hall

some of our favorite poets of the past including Emily Dickinson, and others. take a look at these 100 poems that will for sure lighten your day up. from the ups and downs to the "spontaneous delight of just being in the world" by Jane O. Wayne

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