BEE yoo tuh fool !

my favorite is the raccoon, or the bear.

You are what you eat.

Don't you ever think about that?

Imagine everything that you eat is homegrown.
Wouldn't that be amazing?
challenging, perfect?


I'd do it in a heart beat.

With the right people, and with the right location.

As author, Barbara Kingsolver says, "When I'm cooking, I find myself inhabiting the emotional companionship of the person who taught me how to make a particular dish, or with whom I used to cook it with"

Couldn't be better put.

Barbara and her family decide to do this a few years ago, you can purchase and read her book here.
My favorite here is the bunny.


Bee's seem to never become "cute" to me.

May be because I'm selfish and the buzzing noise of a bee while I'm watering plants is disturbing and not to mention, annoying? my pops experienced a horrible bee-trauma the other day. He lifted up the water tank in the front yard, and whattayooknow, a huge bee hive was in there! Luckily, he didn't get stung, but someone else right down the street got stung!

Not by the same bee's, but this guy was helping in a friend's backyard with landscape, or something similar, when he lifted up a rock and a nest was found ....the attack began. The guy was said to be covered in bee's where his skin wasn't even visible, he had his shirt off that day and got stung around 1,000 times on his arms, torso, and face. He was reported to be fine after the right treatment.

Its just disturbing you know because it could be deadly.

And may be its because a lot of bee lovers seem to think that humans endanger bees (working on landscape!?)

...more so because of the toxic chemicals that bees might encounter?

Well, what about the polluted air that we suffer from running around the block to stay in health? or the water we drink that might be contaminated?

Or more specifically the people in Brazil, Kenya, Nicaragua, South Africa, Guatemala....etc.

Its hard for me to understand, but then again, YES bees do pollinate a majority of greenery (thanks bees) and crops (thanks bees).


"If they don't bother me, I won't bother them"

Yeah, well.

Don't buzz next to me bee, buzz somewhere else. SERIOUS.

I go crazy.

I guess, we just have whats called, a love-hate relationship.

Who knows? It might just be because I still cry when Macaulay gets stung by bees and dies.

In Howard Zieff's film, My Girl.

I love spring time though. And I'm enjoying it. With bee's or not.

Everyone just seems more happy!

and those to you who celebrated this past easter, hope you had a hoppy day. !


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