juana de arco

I've been married seven months.

Time flies.

I haven't even finished putting my wedding album together. Imagine....

BUT I'm almost finished, but not quite....there are sooo many pictures and they all have a very unique place in my album.

I was looking through our honeymoon bag filled with napkins, receipts, photos, matches...just every type of souvenir that anyone could save from a trip. B. and i always do this. Its good to keep those memories alive with you. Physically, in your hand. We even have our wine tops, beer caps, and misc. others!

As I was lookin around, I stumbled upon a postcard that I grabbed while visiting a store in Buenos Aires. JUANA de ARCO.

The most happy, wonderland store ever. And they sell the best looking panties ever.

AND you know whats even cooler?
Juana, the spanish name is translated to Joanne (¡my name!)

Wadda you know....!

+, +, & +.

I will be posting more shops of Buenos Aires that I enjoyed visiting, soon.


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Jen Harrington said...

I love your blog! Someone else cool that lives in Las Vegas!

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