a gewd morning

it's 8:12am.


I have about a half hour to get ready for work...seems quite enough for me.

Rather be typing profoundly.


What did you have for breakfast, today?


What will you start the day out doing?


And what will you finish out the day doing?


I started out this morning by the nice sound of my alarm! DING.
Went down stairs, brewed some coffee, made an egg (sunny side up), and had a piece of carrot cake.

I also was reading about Twitter.
Yeah, tweet tweet twitter.

You know it has over 14 million users, and I'm one of that 14 million. Its been said to have become a very useful tool in solving problems and providing insights, which I totally agree with.
Sure, its a little scary. But its exciting too.

A graduate student from NYU came up with this elastic band and calls it "Kickbee" for his wife that would have vibrating sensors that could notify twitter everytime his pregnant wife's baby would kick inside her. "I kicked Mommy at ...."

Yeah, its not a joke.

You can read more about it here. And come tweet me here, mylittleway.

Its now 8:25am.

I now have 15 minutes to get ready for work.

oh boy.

have a pleasant day everybody.

smiles and xoxo's.


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