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bourd-immern news.

I don't think a lot of you know with my obsession with Anthony Bourdain. But yes, its true. The man is brilliant! He travels all over the globe and has absolutely the best commentary.

But I gotta give props to Mr. Zimmern...

A food writer, dining critic, radio talk show host, TV personality, chef and teacher.

Andrew Zimmern.

Probably one of the most knowledgeable doods in the food world (well bourdain is there with him.).

in Tanzania.

The guy has been everywhere.

Zimmern started early...and I'm talkin early. Culinary school at 14yrs. old. Yepp.

He started apprenticing in the most prestigious restaurants, worked as a chef, and general manager. Anyway, you should really see his show if you haven't, Bizarre Foods on the travel channel. You can read Andrew's blog, here.

On Bizarre today, they showed him enjoying Kashmiri Food, very rich with flavor spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves...and saffron...saffron Kashmiri is very expensive.

Kashmiri Chai
: This looks so yummy.

Kashmiri Mutton (kashmiri style lamb):
Prepared with ground ginger powder, chili powder, plain yogurt...kashmiri foods have a lot of yogurt in it, I find it real weird, but I guess that's a hint of why it gives that rich, creamy texture.

The Cooks Cottage is a great place to find great and all sorts of Indian recipes if you'd like to go check it.

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