home from seattle!

This visit to Seattle, I got to see a lot more new areas, stores, parks, and everything else that I've wanted to go check out. All these stores below are all some of which I visited, but its not limited...I visited so much more! Seattle is a great place...
If you have any questions about our visit, don't hesitate to leave a comment!!

Event planning in Seattle.
One of our favorite bars in Ballard is King's. Attached to the bar (yes, I said attached..!) is Rudy's where you can drink a beer while gettin your haircut!


Rudy's location in Capitol Hill.

There are other Rudy's in LA and Portland as well.

Location: Ballard

20twenty offers vintage & design apparel, B. bought some swimming shorts and I bought a vintage collar shirt with purple hearts on it.
Shirt, 20twenty

Location: Wallingford

Another store I visited that I spent some time in lookin & lookin at is Paper Delights. This place definitely lifted my spirit once I stepped in. They have their own blog too!

Location: Queene Anne

Nancy's Sewing Basket...this crafty sewing store has so so so much craftness. everything you need for your craft stash could be found here...

Location: Ballard
i bought my Seattle poster, yea ! Over at Annie's...that shop is amazing. Its in Ballard.

Location: Queene Anne

Visit Teacup if your feelin teaish!

...and that's me lyin in Canadian grass...for a moment.

we never actually made it into Vancouver. I would of loved to have gone though! :-(

Be sure to check out all my new photos on my flickr page.

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from the right bank said...

You were in my neck of the woods?! Glad you had a good time.

jo said...

really! didn't know you were from there! just knew you moved a lot b/c it gives you a chance to decorate. :-)

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