some cities have whats called "first friday", usually an early evening arts event, gallery hop on public street each first friday of the month. in fact, first friday events have expanded up to 35 cities throughout the states. Cities such as Portland, Philly, Phoenix....the list goes on. But Las Vegas has been having a first friday since 2002, and has grown rapidly from 300 attendees to up to 5-10,000 !
i actually don't remember the last time that i walked around downtown las vegas, where the first friday events take place, but i know that it has potential to grow into something more than it is. Since it is an outdoor event free to the public, there has been a trend with other kind of attendees and not so much art-related, to say the least that is one reason i haven't been going so often. Besides the fact, Las Vegas like any other city has made progress with the arts district, but needs a little more oomph for me to get more excited. Its happening though, slowly, but surely. For more information about Las Vegas' first friday, visit Nevada's non-profit organization that helps make it happen, here.

Here are some happenings around downtown LV:
The Fallout Gallery featuring artist, Elizabeth Blau

The Funkhouse
Contemporary Arts Center
Trifecta Gallery featuring artist, Glenn Fry

this is one place where i'll never forget all the fun times i had at.
the beauty bar on fremont street, downtown LV.

and of course, beauty bar's very own dj, DJ John Doe.
As a matter of fact, DJ John Doe is the founding father of "the Get Back", which has been the best party downtown for quite some time now. He's got the energy and commitment to keep the Brown legacy alive and spinnin' all kind of records one normally wouldn't hear. To read more about it, go here.

The Get Back” happens Friday, Feb. 6, 2009 at the Beauty Bar. The Beauty Bar is located at 517 Fremont Street, in between Las Vegas Blvd and 6th Street.

The funky soul mecca: The Get Back in Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas...

"This time around we are bringing back one of the cats who helped build The Get Back: Johnny Fever. A resident back in the day at our legendary Chez Bippy house parties, Mr. Fever will be back on the wheels to show the GB faithful why those parties were so live...you won't wanna miss this! Also, on the decks inside, we have Roccanova, Shred, and Johnny Rox. And as always, the Get Back Soundsystem (John Doe, Danny Boy,Phoreyz, Aurajin, and 8-bits) will be droppin the hotness all night long..."

for more info on the first friday, go here

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