.home should make you happy.

"home should make you happy, we hope we played a part for making this true to you" -Domino Magazine.

if you all haven't heard yet from your favorite bloggers, which I'm assuming most of you have, Domino Magazine no longer is going to be on stands. here i post some of my favorite pictures from the magazine, I'd buy Domino regularly, I think they had a really good attitude and definitely a way of making things become real in your home and not just to dream about it....a lovely quote from Cara Angelotta via sewbettie.com, "this is the one design magazine that I really related to — it had design I could actually aspire to (instead of, um, yeah, maybe after I win the lottery).”
this is completely true. enough said.

read more about the domino fall on nytimes & washington post.

love this aqua paint.
yellow and grey.

look at their patio designs!

all images above via Domino

On a more happy note. I want to invite all of you to one of my favorite home store here in Las Vegas. Their called Unica Home. Located at 3901 West Russell Road, Las Vegas, NV 89118
They offer complimentary wine and cheese tastings on Saturdays from Valley Cheese & Wine. They moved recently to a bigger location, a 12,000 sq. foot building. Has a bridal registry, and a bookstore. Go to them and sign up for their e-mails for upcoming events and such!

night lite.

pigeon outdoor light.
valentines? soap petals!
all top 7 images via Unica.

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