home from seattle!

This visit to Seattle, I got to see a lot more new areas, stores, parks, and everything else that I've wanted to go check out. All these stores below are all some of which I visited, but its not limited...I visited so much more! Seattle is a great place...
If you have any questions about our visit, don't hesitate to leave a comment!!

Event planning in Seattle.
One of our favorite bars in Ballard is King's. Attached to the bar (yes, I said attached..!) is Rudy's where you can drink a beer while gettin your haircut!


Rudy's location in Capitol Hill.

There are other Rudy's in LA and Portland as well.

Location: Ballard

20twenty offers vintage & design apparel, B. bought some swimming shorts and I bought a vintage collar shirt with purple hearts on it.
Shirt, 20twenty

Location: Wallingford

Another store I visited that I spent some time in lookin & lookin at is Paper Delights. This place definitely lifted my spirit once I stepped in. They have their own blog too!

Location: Queene Anne

Nancy's Sewing Basket...this crafty sewing store has so so so much craftness. everything you need for your craft stash could be found here...

Location: Ballard
i bought my Seattle poster, yea ! Over at Annie's...that shop is amazing. Its in Ballard.

Location: Queene Anne

Visit Teacup if your feelin teaish!

...and that's me lyin in Canadian grass...for a moment.

we never actually made it into Vancouver. I would of loved to have gone though! :-(

Be sure to check out all my new photos on my flickr page.

happy FRIDAY, givin you a tutorial !




FIVE eco do's for Earth Day

Today is earth day. If you're in Vegas, check out what you can do to help each other out here and don't forget to take Earth Day's quiz

Also, I listed five things you might want to do in celebration of our planet.

1.) If you seem that you can't get off your office chair, then sit right there and contribute by switching your default search engine to Ecocho for the day - go on & they'll plant two trees for every 1000 searches made. Give to the needy with a single click over at The Hunger Site, The Animal Rescue Site and the Child Health Site. Swap and barter with your wardrobe over at What's Mine Is Yours. You'll earn loads of clothing karma points, and clear some cupboard space at the same time. Info from, here.

2.) Learn ways how you can save water. Turn off the faucet while brushing teeth, bring water with you instead of purchasing, buy recycled paper products, install a low-flow shower head, water your lawn with a hose and not sprinklers, & eat vegetarian at least once a week. Learn more, here.
3.) Volunteer to pick up trash, or go around your neighborhood and pick up trash. Don't be a litter bug, not cool.


4.) Study Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights". I had the chance to see this painting in person when I lived in Madrid at the Museo Del Prado and holy cow, is it intense. No other painting is like this one, he is the first to create such vivid imagery. You can stare at it for hours and not get bored. At least thats what I did.
5.) make your own coffee sleeve.

Have any other ideas? Leave a comment, below!

yes, kashmiriness


no, its not a remake of liar-liar....its still silly, but better.

(yes man)

jim carrey is funny.

i think i have a girl crush on zooey.



bourd-immern news.

I don't think a lot of you know with my obsession with Anthony Bourdain. But yes, its true. The man is brilliant! He travels all over the globe and has absolutely the best commentary.

But I gotta give props to Mr. Zimmern...

A food writer, dining critic, radio talk show host, TV personality, chef and teacher.

Andrew Zimmern.

Probably one of the most knowledgeable doods in the food world (well bourdain is there with him.).

in Tanzania.

The guy has been everywhere.

Zimmern started early...and I'm talkin early. Culinary school at 14yrs. old. Yepp.

He started apprenticing in the most prestigious restaurants, worked as a chef, and general manager. Anyway, you should really see his show if you haven't, Bizarre Foods on the travel channel. You can read Andrew's blog, here.

On Bizarre today, they showed him enjoying Kashmiri Food, very rich with flavor spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves...and saffron...saffron Kashmiri is very expensive.

Kashmiri Chai
: This looks so yummy.

Kashmiri Mutton (kashmiri style lamb):
Prepared with ground ginger powder, chili powder, plain yogurt...kashmiri foods have a lot of yogurt in it, I find it real weird, but I guess that's a hint of why it gives that rich, creamy texture.

The Cooks Cottage is a great place to find great and all sorts of Indian recipes if you'd like to go check it.


...so i missed coachella.

three days full of great musicians. it would've been real nice to go. heres some flicks:

photos from LA weekly.


this thing. is amazing.


Robert Smith from the Cure

the wonferful karen o from the yeah yeah yeahs.

all fotos from above from here.

i'm thinkin about going to sasquatch, though.
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